Superior Craftsmanship & Design.

There’s something about getting your hands dirty and molding a masterpiece with a touch and feel that no amount of technology can replace. This is the truest distinction of every artfully crafted Baci Mirror.

However, advanced technology does play an important role under the watchful eye of our Baci craftsmen. They program, set-up and operate the most sophisticated and precise machine tools to produce and fabricate every fitting and arm to exacting specifications from a premium grade solid brass raw materials. Components are joined by brazing with silver alloys to produce strong and attractive connections without damaging the inherent qualities of the brass alloys. Finally, the components are polished and plated with one of our stunning finishes – chrome, satin nickel, brass, bronze, polished nickel, verde, antique brass, copper, or for the ultimate in Baci elegance, 24k gold and every mirror is assembled by hand.

Some might argue that we invest too much time and effort to create a make-up and shaving mirror. To us, however, the unrivaled beauty, lasting durability and stunning functionality we deliver simply means that we love what we do and pride ourselves at being the very best at it. It also means that we will provide you with a mirror that will be functional, beautiful and long lasting.

We don’t build our mirrors to be replaced in a few years. We craft them to be revered over time. Fortunately for us, there seem to be plenty of discerning customers who appreciate that.

A Family Endeavor

For three generations, our family has put its heart, soul and steady hands into crafting the world’s best make-up mirrors. The BACI journey began in a small workshop in Cleveland and today occupies a large factory and warehouse in Miami.

As you might imagine, much has changed over the past 75 years. New, high technology machinery and processes allow us to manufacture products to levels of precision unheard of in the past and have allowed us to create new and exciting products that add functionality, durability and beauty for the people who use our mirrors.

However, the elements that truly distinguish BACI haven’t changed one bit. The family pride that goes into artfully crafting each and every mirror by hand. The vision that leads to new features and improvements that would never happen on a mass-production floor. The insistence on precision and the finest materials and components that allow us to build products with flawless beauty, long life and unequalled quality .

BACI mirrors have never been just manufactured. They have always been crafted. They are toiled over and brought to life by expert artisans. They are the product of ages of hard work and constant innovation, gladly given, so that you will find your individual beauty reflected and perfected in a truly exceptional mirror.

Baci mirrors are found in the luxurious baths of five-star hotels and resorts and private homes of distinction around the world. BACI represents the absolute highest standards of form and function. Let us dazzle you.

Some photos from our history
taken in the early 1940’s