Baci Senior X10 Mirrors

Now, nearly every mirror in the Baci Senior collection is available with true optical 10X magnification. Great for those with vision difficulties or anyone who just needs a little extra magnification beyond what most make-up and shaving mirrors can provide. Also available is an upgrade to BACI Shades of Light color changing controls, which adjust the color temperature of the LED lighting anywhere in the range of 2500° to 4500° on the Kelvin scale. All of these new X10 mirrors feature the same high quality optical glass, high-power, neutral white light, and corrosion-resistant construction you’ll find across the entire Baci Senior series.


This round LED mirror is best suited for compact spaces where the user will be close to and in front of the mirror. The mirror body tilts up and down and swivels left to right.

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This round LED mirror’s classic double arms allow the mirror body to be folded close to the wall or extended out for closer use. Works equally well mounted directly in front of the user or on a side wall.

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These round LED mirrors can be positioned anywhere along the vertical bar and are often used in areas that may be used by persons in a wheelchair. The head tilts and swivels in all directions.

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These round LED mirrors combine a single arm BSR mirror with the added convenience of a GFCI protected NEMA 5-15 duplex electrical outlet.

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This classic, tall countertop LED mirror features a large round base for use on any dressing table. The head swivels left to right and tilts up.

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This unique LED mirror mounts through the countertop and offers a compact version of the double swing arm on the BSR-302 mirror. It works well on a vanity where wall space is limited.

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This tall countertop LED mirror is similar to the BSR-318 mirror but with a more contemporary appearance. Also its smaller base uses less countertop area The head tilts up 90°

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This elegant LED mirror is similar to the BSR-321 but with the addition of a genuine Swarovski Strass crystal trim to the base.

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Available Finishes

*Please call for pricing due to fluctuations in the price of gold.