BACI Shades of Light

Baci Senior LED Mirrors are available with an optional feature that allows the user to adjust the color of the light output from the soft warm shades of an incandescent lamp to the bright cool white of the noon sky (2800° K to 4800° K).  Thus you can apply your make-up to look your best in any environment – from a candlelit dinner to a snowy ski run.

To alter the hue of the light, simply press one of the buttons on the back of the mirror.  The top button makes the color warmer and the bottom button makes it cooler.  To change the light in small increments, tap the button.  If you hold the button down it will change continuously as it cycles through the full extent of the range in the direction selected.  When the light reaches the end of its range, press the other button to smoothly transition in the opposite direction.  Do not press both buttons at the same time.

The mirror’s built-in memory feature remembers your last color setting prior to being turned off and starts at that setting when you turn it back on.

Note:  Due to variations in screen calibrations and printer technology, the colors shown are approximate.